Media Ministry Matters

IMM Fun Facts:

  1. IMM has created Bible based media for over 30 years.
  2. Programs have been translated into almost 70 different languages.
  3. IMM reaches people in Europe, North Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East.
  4. IMM Produces Modern Dramas, Creatively adapted Bible stories, and Shorts.
  5. IMM produces media both In Studio or On Location.
  6. Just 1 of our programs can reach into 55,000,000 homes.
  7. Media can do what people can’t.
  8. IMM sends media to the entire world by partnering with Missionaries, National Churches, and Broadcasting Companies.

Why Media Ministry Matters:

  1. In Europe, less that 3% of people profess Christ as Lord God and Savior.
  2. Today there are 7.1 billion people on Planet Earth, 6.6 billion of them are mobile subscribers.
  3. 85% of the world having internet access.
  4. There are 51 countries in the world today that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not allowed to be preached. Still there are thousands of these pastors who DO share the gospel in these sensitive places that need resources to aid them in their ministry. This is where IMM comes in.
  5. IMM is creating content for Arabic speaking people that are being distributed on the Internet through a partner ministry which carries on conversations and follows up with the viewers in their own languages. This results in 1000s of views, 100s of engaged spiritual conversations and dozens coming to Christ.
  6. In the Middle East there are women who are marginalized, abused, and are told and that they are worthless. We are creating a “Women of the Bible” series, reaching out to those women with dramatized Biblical stories telling them that there is a God and a Father in heaven that loves and cares for them. Just this year we released the 2nd installment, the story of Rahab. Opening night was in a coffee house where girls from a human trafficking rescue home attended to hear the Gospel with their families.

IMM Videos on

Why Spain?

IMM moved to Spain in 2003 after “Black Thursday” when some of the Missionary Associates were deported from Belgium after a re-interpretation of visa laws. IMM was shut down and not allowed to work or re-open. The director searched for a new home and the Spanish church invited IMM to come make a new home in Spain.

Some advantages for IMM in Spain:

  • More easily obtained visas
  • Lower child education costs
  • Near International Airport
  • Closer contact with North Africa and Middle East Outreach
  • Growing National Church with interest in media
  • Major media production support and supplies in Madrid’s Ciudad de Imagen
  • More familiar language and opportunities to study
  • Lower cost of living than the rest of Europe
  • Greater religious freedom and acceptance
  • The landscape and the people have a more Middle Eastern and/or Jewish look for wider acceptance of our programs in other parts of the world.
  • Easier for media talent to come from closed countries to make programs than to enter the US.
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