Financial Partnership

Giving is as Easy as 1… 2….(not even a step 3)


1. Go to the pledge form (Blue Button Below).
This is the link to the Online Commitment form. You only have to fill out the *’d part. For the “Missionary Associate receiving support” field please enter “Adam Weatherly”

2. Go to our secured Assembly of God giving page (Green Button Below).
link and set up an automatic monthly contribution, or you can do a 1-time gift each month if that’s the way you want to handle it, depending on how you like to do it.

Thank you for becoming a newly committed partner! Here is a list of different options for you to give. (You will need our names [Adam & Bethany Weatherly] and our account number [2770014] in order to give.)

The easiest way is to click the button below to give a one-time gift, or to set up a recurring monthly donation:

*** Pages will open in a new tab/window. ***

For more ways to give:

  1. Online at Giving monthly by direct deposit. This is the easiest most effective way! Make sure you click  “Set up Recurring Gift” instead of “Give Now” if you want to be a monthly committed partner.
  1. Giving monthly by check. Fill out an MA Commitment Form and preferably your first check at the same time. For those giving on a monthly committed basis: Make sure you check the “New Monthly Commitment” box at the top.
  1. Giving monthly straight from a bank account (not debit or credit card):

You can set this up by contacting your personal bank, set it up via Bill Pay.

Make sure that you include your missionaries account (2770014) number when you set it up with your bank – if you don’t do this your money will just go straight to AGWM (and will not help the Weatherly’s). With most banks you can set up Bill Pay online, however, some banks may make you call to set it up.

The one good thing about setting it up this way is that you have control when the monthly commitment comes out. (The only option with direct deposit through your card is for it to get taken out the 20th of each month)

  1. Giving monthly and giving church credit: This is an option that AGWM provides for those who want the credit of their support to go to their church. Make sure if you want this that you fill out the church’s name and address, not your own. Adversely if you don’t want your church to receive credit – make sure you fill out your personal name and address – not your church’s.
  1. Direct Deposit / Started over the phone: The office will accept donations over the phone. You can call contributor services toll free 1-877-840-4800 email Please provide your missionary’s name and/or account number and let them know that your missionary is a Missionary Associate.
  1. Giving One Time / Special Gift Online: This is easy to do using Just click “Give Now” instead of “Setup Recurring Gift”
  1. Giving One Time / Special Gift straight to your missionary (cash or check): Your missionary will take your check and mail it to AGWM for processing. Please make checks to “Assemblies Of God World Missions” and have your missionary’s account number written in the memo line. Important Note: If that check does not have the missionary’s account information on it the check will go straight to AGWM and not your missionary.

** If someone makes a check payable to you can still be processed through your AGWM account. You can either send the check to AGWM or deposit the funds into your personal bank account and write a personal check to AGWM. If you send a personal check, make sure to attach a list of donors, their current address and the amount of their offering. (this is to ensure your partner gets the correct credit)

Have questions about your contribution?

Contact your missionary or Contributor Services for the Assemblies of God
Toll-Free Phone: 1-877-840-4800
Phone: 1-417-862-2781, ext. 8840

You may mail your contributions to:
Assemblies of God
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802-1894

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