Letter From Rev. Lindell Warren

September 28, 2015

Dear Pastor or Christian Worker:

Please be advised of the Oklahoma District’s endorsement of Adam and Bethany Weatherly to World Missions. The Weatherlys have been approved as Missionary Associates (MA’s) to work with International Media Ministries (IMM) in Madrid, Spain.

You might think, “But why are you telling me this?” Glad you asked. We don’t promote MA’s, only career missionaries. The Weatherlys applied for career status but were asked by AGWM to go out the first time as MA’s. In spite of this, their MA Budget is about double what an MA budget would normally be.

Therefore, Adam and Bethany have our blessings to contact churches for itineration purposes. They both have jobs that keep them from making contacts during business hours. I sincerely hope you will give this young couple an opportunity to share their hearts with you.

For the cause,

Lindell Warren

Oklahoma District Missions Director



See the original letter from Brother Warren below

Letter from Lindell Warren

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