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Adam & Bethany

We met while we were both attending Central Bible College, and working at Assemblies of God World Headquarters in 2008. We quickly became friends, and about a month later started dating. Adam was invited to help Bethany’s parents, Missionaries Bernie & Brenda Smith, with some media resources where they serve in Togo West Africa. During that trip, Adam asked Bernie for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Bernie tested him by making him wait 4 days, and by having him preach in a local Togolese church before he gave his answer. On Christmas day 2008 we got engaged. Just 6 months later, on June 26th, we were married.

A couple of months before we got married, we were called to serve at IMM. Both of us were in a departmental chapel at Assemblies of God World Headquarters about 5 miles away from each other. In Bethany’s chapel, the speaker talked about how Muslims the Muslim population was exploding in Spain through immigration and high birth rates. It was then that God touched Bethany’s heart about becoming a missionary in Spain to reach the Muslims for Christ. Adam had just finished a project for the director of IMM before he leads his department in their devotional. About half way through the devotional God tugged on Adam’s heart about serving at IMM to create Biblical Media. That night, over dinner, we talked about what happened that day. We knew immediately that God had called us to serve at International Media Ministries in Madrid Spain. Just a few weeks before we got married, we met with the director of IMM and were invited to serve as part of their team.

In 2015 we have officially been accepted and commissioned and have started itineration as Assembly of God World Missionary Associates serving at International Media Ministries.

Weatherly Family

Facts About Adam

Birthday: March 26th
Birth Place: Oklahoma City, OK
Hobbies: Whittling, Drawing / Sketching, Photography
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Ice cream when it’s not Watermelon season
Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear
Pet peeves: I have Mesophonia (hatred of certain noises) when it comes to people that smack while eating/chewing, chew loudly or crunch chips. It drives me up the wall!!! đŸ˜€
Stupid Human Trick: I can wiggle my ears

Facts About Bethany

Birthday: October 31st
Birth Place: Springfield, MO
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Shawarmas
Favorite Animal: River Otters
Favorite Pet: I grew up with a pet monkey named Squeeky. Best Pet EVER!!!

Facts About Caleb

Birthday: July 25th
Birth Place: Edmond, OK
Hobbies: Playing with my cars & blocks
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Animal: anything that Roars
Favorite TV Show: Thomas the train
Cute Human Trick: I can Laugh like a Minion

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