Every Man, Every Church, Every Role: 4

Every Man, Every Church, Every Role

Leave an Inheritance

King David summoned all the leaders of Israel to assemble in Jerusalem. It was there that he charged his son, Solomon, with the tasks of being King. It was at this meeting where God started to establish Solomon’s kingdom for generations to come as long as he carried out God’s commands and laws.

1 Chronicles 28:8b Be careful to follow all the commands of the LORD your God, that you may possess this good land and pass it on as an inheritance to your descendants forever.

David knew the importance of following God’s commands. Afterall, David is the one who several times broke God’s law and suffered the consequences. Because of David’s actions, he lost part of what was his and had one of his own children turn on him. He knew what it meant to give a good inheritance to his descendants. For David, part of following God’s commands was to fulfill the role of King and by serving Israel. It’s because of being God’s servant he was able to leave Solomon with an inheritance that we know about today.

The question is, are we following through with the commands that God has given us? God has called each one of us to obey his Law and to follow through with the role he has given us within his Church. When we follow through with these two things, we will pass on our faith and churches as an inheritance to our children. Our children will inherit what we pass on to them. Now it’s a matter of if we want what we pass on to be healthy and thrive or to be sick and deteriorate.

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