Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt – Ranger Style!


In February I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the finest Royal Ranger commanders in Oklahoma. I started reminiscing about my time with the Boy Scouts and remembered some of the fun things I got to do. One of those things was learning how to use a map and a compass, aka orienteering, at Camp Orr in Arkansaw. Just a few weeks ago, my son gave me a really cool birthday gift. He gave me a really nice Silva Compass (I say my son gave it to me, but he is 3. Thanks Babe!). We were in Altus for my birthday, and the church that we were speaking at announced their Easter festivities, including an Easter Egg hunt. This got me thinking, how could we take the Easter Egg Hunt to the next level. How about an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt using the orienteering method for Royal Rangers.

How exactly do you make an epic Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt happen? Good question!

This scavenger hunt is intended to help Rangers test their navigational skills using a map and a compass. To get started you need a map of the area the scavenger hunt will be conducted, a compass, Easter eggs to hunt for, and good shoes.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt is very important. It could be around your church, a local park, or campsite. Basically, you need a nice large plot of land somewhere. This area needs to be easy enough for your least experienced Ranger / Orienteer, but difficult enough to keep the most experienced boys interested. It might be a good idea to have two separate sites for the different skill levels.

Map it Out

Location map for the Easter egg Scavenger Hunt for SCA - custom made map

Location map for the Easter egg Scavenger Hunt for SCA – custom made map

Once you have your location, you’ll need a map of that location. There are several ways to go here. You can draw your own map, you can use maps.google.com to print a map, or you can purchase a professional topographical map of the area. The easiest way, in my opinion, would be to use Google maps. If you decide to draw your own map, you will need to plot out landmarks as accurately as possible. Once you have the map, you will need to use a compass to plot out where the Easter Eggs are going to be hidden. Each person will start and end at the same place, but each Ranger will have their own unique set of coordinates. You will need to have a master map with the location of all the hidden eggs, and another map for all of the Rangers to use.  Map out the course for each person based on their skill level by standing at the starting point, and use a compass to mark the first waypoint. Once you hide the egg at the first waypoint, use the compass again from the first waypoint to the second. Repeat these steps for the amount of egg waypoints you want for each person. Each Ranger should have 5+ eggs to hunt as a starting point.


Hunt is On

Hand drawn map of playground with coordinates to use with map and compass

Hand drawn map of playground with coordinates to use with map and compass

Rangers assemble at the starting point. Each person is given a note with a compass course and distance, measured in steps. This clue leads them to their first waypoint. At each waypoint, they will find an Easter Egg with 2 items: a small prize, and the next waypoint. You may even have special prizes for the person who finishes first.


  • Use this fun scavenger hunt to help Rangers earn their Orienteering Merrit Badge.
  • The more small prizes, the more incentive the Rangers will have to participate.
  • Use http://maps.google.com to find your maps
  • Use Google Earth to quickly plot out each waypoint
  • Show a good youtube video, or teach a refresher course on how to use a map and compass before you get started.
  • Hide or cover each Easter Egg so that animals can’t get to them if they are food.
  • Consult your Royal Ranger or Boy Scout handbook on how to use a map and compass
  • Have fun!


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