God Provides New Computer

Tools of the trade

Everyone has tools that make it possible to do their job.  As a graphic designer and photographer the same goes for me. I have lights, cameras, and all kinds of equipment / tools that allow me to do my job. This includes computers. As a media missionary, I could not do what God has called me to do without a computer. Regardless of what you do for a living, there are tools that help get the Job done. Teachers use chalk/marker boards, mechanics have wrenches, doctors have stethoscopes, and pastors have bible study tools. 

For the past couple of years, I have been praying that God would provide computer. Not just any computer, but one that will be a workhorse and can endure the work that I do as a Media Missionary. I think my prayers sometimes became complaining to God about how my tools were getting old, outdated, and to slow for the tasks at hand.

2008 iMac computer crashed and burned

2008 iMac computer crashed and burned

Crashed and burned

You see, six days before Christmas, my 8 year old iMac completely died. This computer helped me create all kinds of Christian books and resources that are distributed all over the world. It helped me to write sermons, create ministry graphics, do freelance design work, and create photographic art. This was the first time in my professional career that I was without a computer. It was a good thing that I had started saving from freelance projects, and had about a third of what I needed to get a new computer.

Frustrated about what happened, I posted a Facebook Rant to let the world know. Probably not the best idea in the world. Little did I know that God was already at work.

God was already at work

A man called one of my friends who saw my facebook rant. He asked her if she knew someone who he could bless. God had blessed him some money to bless someone else with. She told him about my post, and gave him my phone number.  Then the he called me. He knew how much the computer costed and that I already had about ⅓ of the money put away. He told me that he wouldn’t give me all the money for the computer, but he would give me ⅓ of the amount if I could raise the last ⅓ by Christmas. I was completely speechless.

After making a few phone calls and leaving a few messages, I received a phone call back. This person said that they love Bethany and I, and that they want to help us be fruitful in our ministry. He gave the last ⅓ of the cost for a new computer. Praise God!!! God moved, put the pieces together, and provided me with the computer that will last for the next 5 or more years.

God’s provides the computer

God provides new 15" MacBook Pro Computer for Media Missionary

God provides new 15″ MacBook Pro Computer for Media Missionary

Once I received everything, I placed the order for the new computer. Because of how custom it is, it took a few weeks for Apple to build this new computer and ship it to me. Today I am writing this post with a brand new computer that is going to help me, as a media missionary, to create Biblical curriculum and resources that will be distributed all over Europe, North Africa, and Eurasia.

I am so thankful to God for providing the computer, I am thankful for the people who were obedient to what God asked them to do, and I am thankful for the calling God gave me. Now I have the essential tools to do that job that God has called me to do.


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