Little Sahara an Oklahoma Landscape

Little Sahara State Park an Oklahoma Landscape

Beautiful Oklahoma Landscape of Little Sahara State Park South of Waynoka Oklahoma by missionary and artist Adam Weatherly

Born and raised in Oklahoma, and thought I had seen everything that the Oklahoma Landscape has to offer. However, in this great state, there is much much more. Traveling all over the state itinerating (to become missionaries) I have seen beautiful Oklahoma Landscapes that I never knew existed. During one of our trips, we had the opportunity of sharing at Woodward First Assembly of God in Woodward, Oklahoma. It was there that Pastor Gary Gunsolus and his friend Roscoe Hill told us about the little gem known as the Little Sahara.

Named after the Sahara Desert, the Little Sahara is Oklahoma’s very own desert. This State Park is located just south of Waynoka Oklahoma on highway 281. There is over 1,600 acres of desert like terrain, and features sand dunes that rise up to 75 feet tall! At the park office there is some information. One of the information pieces said the dunes were created by terrace deposits from the Cimarron River flowed in this area in ancient times. This is a great place to go if you have an ATV, dirt bike, or if you’re like me and have a camera. If you don’t have an ATV, I definitely recommend renting one because walking on these sand dunes sucks all of your energy out fast. (FYI: every summer there is a Rattle Snake hunt. If you decide to visit please be aware of the risks.)

After hearing about this place I knew we needed to visit it on the way home. Because it’s was less than forty minute drive out of the way, I couldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to photograph these Oklahoma Sand Dunes. And due to it being the middle of winter, nobody was out riding where we were, and it gave me with the perfect opportunity to create these beautiful landscapes.

The Little Sahara provides great opportunities to capture a very uncommon part of the Oklahoma landscape. The orange sand and the blue sky creates the perfect color, contrast and scheme that represents the uniqueness Oklahoma. While creating these images, I knew that this panorama would look great as a triptych series resulting in three individual images printed on high definition metal creating an especially beautiful panorama.

1 of 3 Over look of Little Sahara State Park South of Waynoka Oklahoma by missionary and artist Adam Weatherly

2 of 3 Over look of Little Sahara State Park South of Waynoka Oklahoma by missionary and artist Adam Weatherly

3 of 3 Over look of Little Sahara State Park South of Waynoka Oklahoma by missionary and artist Adam Weatherly






This particular Oklahoma Landscape a beautiful piece of artwork that will display in anyones home or office. This triptych art piece can be enjoyed in 1 of 6 sizes (from 16×9 inches to 55×30.9 inches per panel). It includes three high definition metal panels that create the entire panoramic art piece, and prices start at $1435. For inquiries please contact us through our contact page or click here.

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Remember “You are Purposely Made and Artfully Crafted by the Creator for a Purpose!

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