Our vision is to see people of all cultures experience a Christ-like change through the influence of media through sharing the Gospel by telling the story that changes lives, multiply the story tellers, and get Jesus on every screen possible in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The Difference we make…

Like Joshua and Hur that held up Moses’ hands during battle, we hold up pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers in the areas where Christians are persecuted. We create Biblical curriculum and media resources to aid these people in their ministries.

We also believe that the Gospel should be shared to the lost free of charge and with out burden to those who need to hear the Good News.

We are supported by your monthly donation.

We are supported by individuals, families, churches, and businesses to do the work that God has called us to do. It takes a team of prayer and financial partners to keep us on the field. One time gifts help us get to the field, and monthly financial support is what keeps us there. All we lack is 100 67 individuals, families, churches or businesses at $36 per month to get us on the mission field.

So what does my monthly support pay for?

  • Telling the story of Jesus through various media outlets.
  • Training others in specific skills to create their own Biblical media and resources.
  • Reaching 55,000,000 people in the Middle East with the Gospel per program aired.
  • Getting Jesus on every screen possible in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Production of Biblical Content.
  • Production of Biblical Curriculum.
  • Giving hope to Women who are marginalized, abused, and told that they are absolutely worthless.
  • Touching the lives of over 5900 unreached people groups.
  • Sharing hope of Jesus through media to 2,915,000,000 spiritually lost people.
  • Getting Jesus into the 52 countries where the Gospel isn’t allowed.
  • Teaching others how to read the Bible.
  • Touch people with God’s message of life and hope.

What’s an EZ Gift?

The EZ Gift is the simplest and easiest way to donate. This is an automatic, monthly payment from your debit or credit card, given through our secured Assembly of God online giving site (http://s1.ag.org/showingtheworld)



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